Digital microscope :: USB microscope

Digital microscope
Digital microscope. A microscope, a video capturing device and a video screen forming one unit without eye pieces is a proper definition of a digital microscope. On the other hand, if you mount a digital camera on a trinocular microscope for example, it would also make a good "unofficial" digital microscope or USB microscope. For a better image or video resolution and overall quality, it is better using a proper digital microscope as the digital microscope lens is made specifically for the camera. The most common digital microscope has a 15 inch monitor and around 2 million pixel camera.


Having a digital microscope with a video camera gives you a great experience, you can view and record micro organisms and see the different world around us which is not seen by the naked eye. This video shows Dileptus one-celled predatorylife form in a drop of water taken from the nearest pond. The water drop evaporates so quickly that this protist bursts.

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